Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion 2013 By Rocco Donna Returns To Town On Nov 7th

The Beauty Gap Is Closing: 7 Reasons Why

Lauderdale Affiliate. The event will limit itself to a group of guests that will feel like they are part of this fashion, beauty and glamour party. Guests will enjoy cocktails and a fabulous fashion show where they will have the opportunity to appreciate the full transformation of the celebrity guests in the nine iconic Rebel Divas, view exclusive collections of fashion designers, and discover the latest in hair trends and makeup for 2014 by Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art. WHO: Leonardo Rocco – Founder and CEO of Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art and Miami Hair Beauty & Fashion by Rocco Donna’. Presenters: Vanessa Hauc and Leonardo Rocco.
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( Sleeping Beauty at the New Vic. And you may think that you’ve seen marionettes. But, you haven’t really seen Sleeping Beauty as performed by marionettes until you’ve seen the Carlo Colla company’s version currently playing at The New Victory Theater in Manhattan through Sunday, November 10, 2013, after opening this weekend. This ninety minute long production (with one intermission) is perfect for children who find the Disney movie too simplistic, and the production values of the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park too bare-bones (the latter is, nevertheless, worthwhile as one of the city’s best family bargains). The Sleeping Beauty offered by New Vic boasts a script translated from Italian and, as a result, is filled with rich, evocative, majestic language not usually found in your typical kiddie show.
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A Sleeping Beauty to enchant your senses (that doesn’t insult your intelligence)

ADHD medication Adderall is a silent killer; No action by FDA

Saying that women are overqualified to advise men about “aging gracefully” is an understatement. The path hasn’t always been so smooth — with all that breaking through and leaning in — and there have been more than a few cosmetic disasters along the way. But nowadays, women are looking pretty darn great as they hit 50 and beyond, often better than their male counterparts. Some believe it’s just a matter of time before “just for men” salons will be popping up all over town.
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