The Key To Corporate Fitness: Agility And Flexibility

With the certainty of death and taxes, supply-chain disruptions are a fact of life in the modern global economy, thanks to all sorts of eventsnatural disasters, explosions, fires, building collapses, and coupsover which company executives have no control. For example: Computer problems at one of the East Coasts biggest ports snarled the flow of cargo across the Northeast for weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported in early August, delaying the delivery of consumer goods needed for back-to-school sales. These are the types of unpredictable, infrequent crises that executives worldwide must always be prepared to deal with. We dont know what will happen or where it will happen, but we know something will happen. The best managers are agile and flexible enough to react quickly. The best of the best strategically plan ahead; when the unexpected happens, they already know what their options are. Executives at the top of their game also must have plans for dealing with longer-term challenges, such as the recession in Europe; the potential slowdown in China; the U.S.s lackluster recovery; shortages of skilled workers; or the implementation of new laws and regulations. And dont forget, there are challenges on the upside as well.
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Profile in Fitness: Work out like a champ — namely, this physician and marathon winner

I would like to thank the WWE for the wonderful opportunity that they had given me. I truly respect the sport, the athletes, and the staff for all the hard work and efforts they put in. While experiencing this new venture I realized my true passions were with cooking and fitness. Sometimes in life you need to do something you have never done to realize what is truly meant for you, Christina said on Instagram. I do not regret any part of this experience for I met life long friends and learned a lot about myself and what truly makes me happy. I still am a very big fan of the WWE and NXT. I want to thank all of the fans who supported me in my decisions and who keep supporting me in my future journey, she added.
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WWE release fitness model Christina Vargas

1 of 2 In high school, Dr. Riva Rahl Graeme joined the only team that didnt cut anyone. The cross-country decision turned out to be a good one; less than a decade later, she won the White Rock (now called Dallas) Marathon. Now 40, shes medical director of the Cooper Wellness Program.
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