Blurred vision? Eye doctor myths exposed – learn how to exercise your eye muscles for restoring healthy vision and eliminating prescription glasses

These pinhole glasses cost about the same as a pair of sunglasses at the grocery store, and they’re not medical devices at all, so they need no prescription. They contain no lenses, either. Safety note: Do not wear pinhole glasses while driving or operating heavy machinery such as an airplane, an automobile or a wrecking ball crane. These glasses partially obscure vision and should be used solely as exercise devices in a safe environment like your home. They don’t work for every case of vision impairment, of course, as there are many causes for blurred vision. But they work remarkably well for most people who try them. Many people are absolutely AMAZED at the instant difference they see when putting on these pinhole glasses.
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Eye Bank to honor David Chu, M.D., as ‘Man of Vision’

His many accomplishments reflect the Eye Banks mission to preserve and restore sight. A graduate of the New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Chu is the founder and director of the Metropolitan Eye Research and Surgery Institute of New York and New Jersey, as well as an associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at the Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, New Jersey Medical School of Rutgers University, in Newark. He serves as Medical Director for the Lions Eye Bank of New Jersey and team ophthalmologist for the New York Jets. He is actively involved in numerous ophthalmology organizations. As the Eye Banks third Man of Vision award recipient, Dr. Chu is in good company fellow ophthalmologists Marco Zarbin, M.D., Ph.D., FACS, and William Constad, M.D., previously received the honor. Retired Jersey City educator, cornea recipient and Eye Bank board member Walter McDermott is leading the events planning committee.
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A black eye for Vision Eye

Debt has been dropping consistently since 2008, and at the end of July 2013, Vision Eye reports that it had just $37 million in net bank debt. Day surgery growth continues, with theatre revenues now accounting for 34% of total group revenue, after rising 6%, reflecting increasing demand for non-discretionary surgical procedures. Surgical revenues rose 5%, consistent with the trend in theatre revenue. Moving to the outlook for the next financial year, Vision Eye says its priority is driving greater utilisation of its day surgeries, and can now consider expanding its footprint ? we assume through acquisitions. Foolish takeaway Despite today?s fall, Vision Eye has outperformed the S&P /ASX Index ( ^AXJO ) (ASX:XJO) over the past year, rising close to 30%, compared to the index return of 20%.
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Study: No copays linked to lower blood pressure

No Copays, Easier-To-Take Medicine May Reduce Blood Pressure

Post to Facebook Study: No copays linked to lower blood pressure on Incorrect please try again A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation Study: No copays linked to lower blood pressure Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press 4:08 p.m. EDT August 26, 2013 High blood pressure has been linked to strokes and heart attacks.
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Blood pressure

But two or more prescription drugs are often needed to bring high blood pressure under control. In 2001, the Kaiser group introduced a system-wide program involving its 1,800 primary care doctors to tackle the problem. It created a registry of adult members with high blood pressure, based on medical records. At the start, about 44 percent of 235,000 registry patients had their blood pressure under control. The registry grew and by 2009, the portion under control reached 80 percent of 353,000 patients.
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Correction: Blood Pressure story

First, it helps with other risk factors for hypertension, like extra weight and stress. But exercise also improves the strength of your heart so that it can more effectively and efficiently pump blood, which lowers the pressure on the arteries. Stick To One Or Two Drinks Moderate drinking — one drink for women and men over 65 and two drinks for younger men — can actually help reduce blood pressure. But more than that has the opposite effect, according to the Mayo Clinic. Monitor Your Caffeine There is some evidence that caffeine can temporarily increase blood pressure, though it’s unclear if there is a long-term effect. The Mayo Clinic recommends checking blood pressure 30 minutes after a cup of coffee or caffeinated soda to see if the effect remains.
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Endocannabinoids trigger inflammation that leads to diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Center

Insulin Pill for Diabetes Inches Closer to Reality

The authors conclude that the findings point to a key role in type 2 diabetes for endocannabinoid-induced inflammasome activation in macrophages, and identify cannabinoid receptors on macrophages as a new therapeutic target. To understand type 2 diabetes, a public health threat that affects young and old alike, we need to consider all the factors at play, said Monica Skarulis, M.D., staff clinician at National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and co-author. We hope that what weve learned from this research will help us develop new strategies to prevent and treat the condition. In addition to Dr. Kunos team of NIAAA scientists and Dr. Skarulis, co-authors on the study included researchers from the University of Colorado Medical Campus, Aurora, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, part of the National Institutes of Health, is the primary U.S.
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Walking to Work Cuts Obesity, Diabetes Risk WEDNESDAY, Aug. 7, 2013 (MedPage Today) Active modes of traveling to work, such as walking or biking, w… Children with Type 2 Diabetes: An Alarming Trend Nearly 3,700 children and adolescents under age 20 are diagn… Eating Smart for Diabetes: Are You Carb Savvy? You definitely dont need to follow an extreme low-carb diet to manage diabetes, but eating carbohy…
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Important to weigh risks, benefits of anti-diabetes drug, experts say

Use of pioglitazone should ideally be stopped if a patient gains 4 kg or more in three months and sees no clinical benefit from the drug. If this drug is used without any monitoring, patients will definitely have small complications,” said Mutha, who is also the founder-president of the Diabetes Care and Research Foundation. Pioglitazone as such is always an add-on therapy in type II diabetes patients who have poor control of the disease through other drugs like sulphonylurea and metformin , he added. The Union government had suspended the manufacture for sale, sale and distribution of the drug pioglitazone and formulations containing pioglitazone for human use vide Gazette Notification GSR 379 (E) dated June 18, 2013, as certain reports published in medical journals raised safety concerns on continued use of the drug. However, the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) recommended that the suspension of the manufacture and sale of the drug be revoked on the opinion of an expert committee constituted for the purpose. It recommended, however, that the drug should be allowed to be marketed with a boxed warning and should also be put under the focus of the pharmacovigilance programme.
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Cornwall pregnancy mental health unit launches

Launch of the perinatal service

The service, which is run by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, will work with midwives and health visitors. It said about 15% of women suffer from mental health issues around their pregnancy. The launch has been welcomed by the Angela Harrison Charitable Trust, which was set up after the death of a young mother from Newquay eight years ago. Mandy Raywood, a perinatal nurse specialist, said: “Most women have good mental health during pregnancy, but it can be a worrying time, particularly if you’ve had a previous episode of mental illness. “This may increase the risk of relapse during and after pregnancy.” Angela Harrison took her own life after suffering severe postnatal depression in 2005. Her husband, Anthony, from Newquay, said he had been battling since then to improve services for women and children in Cornwall. He said: “We are delighted and very much welcome this much-needed new service for Cornwall.
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Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

Although pregnancy doesn’t cause breast cancer , the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can accelerate its growth.The disease can be devastating to both the mother and child, so it is essential that pregnant women and their health care providers continue to perform routine breast exams throughout pregnancy. Any suspicious lumps and symptoms should be evaluated. Because many changes take place in a woman’s breasts during pregnancy, it can be more difficult to identify small masses, or lumps during pregnancy. Breast masses can be mistaken for a normal change due to pregnancy. In addition, breast cancer tumors in pregnant women are often larger and more advanced by the time they are detected than lumps in women of the same age who are not pregnant. Recommended Related to Breast Cancer How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed in Pregnant Women? The best thing you can do while pregnant is to see your health care provider regularly. These doctor visits, called prenatal (or “before birth”) visits, are very important in keeping both you and your baby in the best possible health.
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